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Farrier Day

Thank you Joel Bernier. When Joel started working on my horses just over a year ago, I had been through a few different farriers. (My regular farrier of 3 yrs quit to go have a baby). Anyway over the next 18 months I had 3 different farriers come in to trim. I had horses with cracked hoof walls, abscesses, paper thin hoof walls, and hooves so out of shape and balance that their hoof was turning in underneath the foot. Then came Joel. I didn’t understand in the beginning how he was working with just a snip here and a file there, sometimes it didn’t look like much. But this much further down the road NOW I SEE what you were working to accomplish.

PERFECTLY thick healthy hoof walls, PERFECTLY symmetrical hooves… so perfect that you can flip one over on the other and they look like they came from the same hoof.

With my Cremello stallion that had crooked front hooves and rotation in the coffin bone NOW PERFECTLY symmetrical coronet bands, perfect symmetry all the way down the hoof, and straight cannon bones, THANK YOU JOEL.

I know you get frustrated sometimes because us common people don’t always understand the process, BUT you are THE BEST MONEY I’ve spent. The untold amounts of vet bills and heartache from lame not sound horses THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I know I probably didn’t likely explain it all correctly, but I can completely SEE the difference. I so wish I had before and after pictures.


Spectra 20 years old TB mare, was given to us in a bad condition. With no help from most sources we finally got someone that can help her, the poor thing developed a club foot that started from bad trimming, she couldn’t walk and use her leg she would drop weight and no grain or minerals were able to bring it back up, practically left with no options and ideas of how to help her, Joel Bernier has appeared. After he was done with the old girl all her body was released from the internal pain her feet gave her, she started to breath eat and socialize with our other horses. Currently she’s putting weight on her leg and she’s making a great progress, we are all so grateful for Joel helping our mare and mostly Margo for helping us to reach him.

Spectra (after)

Only after two weeks after Joel Bernier trim Spectra is able to run and walk and even put weight on her foot! We are finally able to lift up all her legs. She’s gaining weight and recovering fantastically couldn’t be more happy.

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Horse Hoof Trimming – BEFORE

Horse Hoof Trimming – AFTER

Saving a Life – Precious

When Precious was born, the owner was told that the horse would never be able to walk straight or be useful as a saddle horse due to her knees. The veterinarian recommended the horse be euthanized. I made a deal with the owner: I would work on the horse to save it with just a trim of its hooves. After one trim, six weeks later the horse was 90% recovered. After another adjustment at six weeks, she was fully recovered.


Here’s a comparison for that colt you trimmed — before the trim, a few days after, and just the other day. Huge improvement! Swelling is down in the knees, Colt is moving well, and has gotten straighter every day since. — KVM

The first photo was taken two weeks after the second trim (at eight weeks between the first and second trim). The next two pictures were taken a month after the second trim.