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Equestrian Marschal – The Vocation, The Trade and Its History

More than five thousands years ago, after many wars, one Emperor of China asked his wise old warriors to spend time in the field, observing the wounded horses. This is where they found techniques and knowledge about the motion of the horses in order to protect and save them and their riders. Between the wars, the wise men studied the anatomy of the horses, their wounds, natural habitat, behaviour, motion when they fight, strengths and weakness. The wise men learned a great deal about the horses’ vulnerabilities and reliability.

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What Does an Equestrian Marschal Do?

An equestrian marschal (EM) is concerned about the health, safety, comfort and performance of horses. Utilizing the services of an EM, horse owners can learn about: what to look for when buying a horse; how to buy a saddle, harness or buggy, including inspection, quality, sizing and adjustment; horse health, from feeding, and room and board, to massage and home remedies; hoof care, farrier work, shoeing, trimming, evaluation, and reading the stall; teaching and befriending your horse, including communication when riding; and trailering, which encompasses driving, horse care, and bedding the trailer.

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