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Equestrian Marschal School / École de maréchalerie - Bootcamp

For 2020, there will be two sessions available, with the first beginning June 15th and ending September 12th (postponed until fall 2020 due to pandemic). The second session begins September 14th and ends December 18th.

The Equestrian Marschal Bootcamp is a semi-private course with a maximum of five (5) students (English and French simultaneously) per session. The course provides knowledge to beginners, owners, riders, breeders, farriers, chiropractors, massage therapists and many other trades.

Students will learn the basics of:

  • Locomotion of horses according to their disciplines and most trades-related
  • Training
  • Farrier’s Order Methods
  • Saddle and harness fitting and repair
  • Field management
  • Trailering of horses and cargo
  • And so much more

I teach what you can’t find in other schools or books, and I find answers to your questions by learning the basic of those trades. I have had many students from different disciplines at all levels. I bring my students onsite with me to see different environments, horses and horseshows across Canada.

During this three-month course, there will be lots to learn, with long days and lots of practice, practice and more practice, taking tests all along the way (no fancy vocabulary—mostly hands scaled and a good eye to find motion problems).

Thanks again to my Gold Sponsor who has supported me for the past 6 years: E Bar C Ranch. Find out more about them at

Required Tools for Bootcamp

Each student will need to acquire or borrow the following items in order to participate in a bootcamp: Work boots with arch and toe protection, farrier’s apron, hoof knife, hoof pick, nippers, rasp, brush, and the five books shown below.

Joel Bernier at a Bootcamp back in 2001
Required Tools: Work Boots with arch and toe protection, farrier's apron, hoof knife, hoof pick, nippers, rasp, brush

Above: Require Tools for Bootcamp

Book Cover - Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse
Book Cover - The Lame Horse -Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Book Cover - Traditional Shiatsu for Horses
Book Cover - Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy and Common Disorders of the Horse - Volume 1
Book Cover - Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy and Common Disorders of the Horse - Volume 2

Past Students


Understanding how your teammate (your horse) works with you by compensation (counter-balance of weight and strength) is important. Above, I show a simple exercise you can do to understand your own weight and strength. Most riders have a much stronger leg on one side and carry weight on this one side, unbalancing the horse; it can create bad accidents. Exercise: Take a barrel and just sit on it, making sure your feet don’t touch the ground. Raise yourself; you’ll find it impossible at first, but after a while you will be surprised at how both legs will become even. It will help for your sideways balance, then you can add a lift, stick, etc. and work on both axis — side to side, and front to rear. My grandfather, the Marshal, taught me this trick (riding using a wooden barrel). The way a barrel is built provides the side balance and the rocking, too. Wooden barrels provide more grip for your legs (making them easier to practice with in the beginning, compared to plastic barrels). In the picture above is Piper B.; she grew up in the horse world, as her great grandfather was a many-times Rodeo World Champion, and he is the one that first brought rodeo events to Canada.

Understanding your teammate (your horse) - Counterbalance exercises using barrels

Past Clinics

Autumn 2019

I am working on a tour this fall into Southern Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Washington state, and the western USA. Topic will be include the effects of the motions of your horse, trimming/shoeing, saddle/harness fitting, bit fitting, and rider balance.

Contact Joel Bernier if you want to set up a clinic in your area.


Joel Bernier, Horse Clinics

Attention Horse Owner in Australia / New Zealand

Horse Clinics – January – March 2020

I have been given the opportunity to visit The B B Ranch in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia in 2020 around January, February, and March and to host a clinic. You can learn more about this via a Facebook announcement here. There may also be an opportunity during this time to visit New Zealand as well.

I encourage you to learn more about Horse Clinics and Events at the B B Ranch by visiting the B B Ranch Facebook group as well.

Postponed until further notice due to the fire situation in Australia and the volcanic eruption in New Zealand.

These clinics will definitely help you help your horse in ways you never knew possible!

B B Ranch, New South Wales, Australia
Equine Locomotion / Kinesiology Clinic - March 26, 2022 - Kaleida, Manitoba

Download the poster in PDF format for our May 14, 2022 clinic at Fisher Branch, Manitoba.

Download the poster in PDF format for our June 18, 2022 clinic at Kaleida, Manitoba.

Equine Locomotion / Kinesiology Clinic - May 14, 2022 - Fisher Branch, Manitoba
Equine Locomotion / Kinesiology Clinic - June 18, 2022 - Kaleida, Manitoba

Past Event: Equine Locomotion / Saddle Fitting Clinic

Manitoba horse people: Is anyone looking to have saddle fitting done on your horse with a variety of good quality used saddles that are available for purchase? I am setting something up now for myself and like 2 or more people if anyone else is interested. Near Portage la Prairie.
Huge thanks to Norm Dunn and Joel Bernier for the saddle fitting today! I learned so much from Joel and was able to find an affordable saddle to get fitted for Wrangler! I appreciate it so much!